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By Skyler Jett

There are various singing techniques used by various artists around the world. Some of them refer to the actual singing done by the singer; others refer to the physical techniques used to amplify the sound. Believe it or not there are a great deal of singing techniques to consider. You have opera, jazz, heavy metal, rock, soft rock, techno, country, rap, and many others. Often the basic singing techniques deal with controlling various parts of the body. Now you're probably asking "Wait, what does controlling the body have to do with singing?" The most important thing to maintain control over is your heart rate, and breathing rate. If the heart rate goes to high the body will start making the lungs draw breath quicker in order to oxygenate the blood faster. In closing singing techniques are varied and depend greatly on the singer. Everyone learns the basic techniques from their instructors and tutors at first. After this they take the basics and make their own techniques for their own style of singing.

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