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To sing well, you need to practice the throat opening and breathing exercises daily. Throat opening exercise will enable you to sing with less strain, and breathing exercises will allow you to sing from the diaphragm, which will give you a powerful singing voice. It is also a good idea to practice singing with piano scales to train your ears. Singing lessons are not always an option for many people. If you can't go to singing lessons, here are some things you can do on your own to become better at singing.
The use of a recorder to check if you are singing in key is the best way to learn how to stay in pitch. It will show up any mistakes before you are stuck with them. If you are not tone deaf, you will progress very quickly with this method.

Correct breathing and confidence makes a good singer.

Technique and fluidity in going up or down a scale to the highest and lowest edge of the vocals makes an excellent singer.

Practice daily. There is no reason not to sound like some of the best!

Your vocal is also a muscle. Remember to always do a lip roll to cool down you vocal after singing.

  • Always loosen up your vocals with vocal exercises.
  • To gain confidence sing a song you already know.
  • Think about the words and general atmosphere of the song. It's no good singing a song flatly and unemotionally.
  • Make sure to do breathing exercises each day and before singing.
  • Inhale by pushing the tummy muscles down and out. Your tummy should come out as you inhale (your shoulders should NOT move up).
  • Exhale by pulling the tummy muscles in. The tummy should go inward as the breath goes out.
  • This may not be the way you breathe now, but it is the correct way to breathe and practice can make it subconscious.
  • Before going to sleep each night practice this way of breathing.
  • Any time you think of it, practice breathing correctly.
  • To aid with the practice of this breathing technique, (which is also used for meditations) place hands on the tummy to feel the correct movements. A belt can also be worn to push against.
  • Don't force breath out. Your breath should be flowing and sensuous.
  • Try Altoids Smalls in peppermint, swished with warm water for about ten seconds. The results are great on your voice.
  • Stay within the key. It is similar to singing harmonies when other notes can be sung in conjunction with the main note. Experiment! The voice is to simply expand and the vocal voice will come up like your real voice.To sing is just like imagine that everything is your voice to speak l louder to prevent your voice expan inhale ex-hale
  • Always have water or cough drops ready for when your throat hurts.
Source: Wikihow

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