How to Sing if You Are a Kid

As a kid it can be rough because your voice is maturing and you aren't sure how to use your voice. However, reading this article is a step in the right direction to learning how to sing!


You first need to figure out what type of music suits you best.
You also need to determine whether or not you want to pursue a singing career.

After you have determined both of these you need to find a vocal coach or take singing lessons. This will help you with rough spots and help you improve.

Do musicals and practice whenever you can. Practice is the key.

Use certain singers as role models. Listen to how they sing and try to mimic that. However, try to make it your own sound!

Put yourself out there and make a name for yourself! Take all the singing chances you can and let others know about it. This way, if you do make it to bigger things you will have experience with not only knowing your ranges and types of music but also handling crowds, choreography, and much more!

Source: wikihow

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