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A Few Vocal Exercises to Learn Vibrato

By Ty Samuelson

Using vibrato is an exciting form of singing that can add flavor and soul to your vocal range. Perhaps the easiest, and definitely the least technical exercise to learn vibrato singing, is to play with your voice. Try to exaggerate your vibrato singing. The point is to introduce your vocal muscles to the rapid movements of vibrato singing. Just sing.

Many vibrato exercises consist of singing a pitch, then singing a pitch a half step above, then singing the original pitch. This is singing with vibrato. Vibrato singing is a very difficult skill to obtain. Yawning for Vibrato?

Another of the many vocal exercises to learn vibrato singing takes place after hours of practicing the first two. Yawning. Yep. Yawning. Yawning helps build the necessary muscles to sing vibrato.

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