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4 Things That Are Good For Vocal Singing

By Kyle Hoffman

Does this sound like you? Then the lead vocalist picks up the microphone.

I know that that sounds bad, but imagine something else. Imagine that you are the singer.

01. Take singing seriously

If you expect to sing or scream like a rockstar, you have to be serious like a rockstar.

Make sure you really consider what's best for vocal singing.

02. Take care of your voice

It's because they've damaged their vocal chords!

If you take care of your vocals, they'll take care of you too. Drinking hot tea, gargling every day, soothing sore throats quickly, and cutting back on carbonation are all great things for vocal singing.

03. Practice

Now, as obvious as this sounds, most singers overlook this. You either have rockstar vocals or you don't right?

Smart practice is good for vocal singing.

Diversity is good for vocal singing.

04. Learn perfect pitch

It's so easy to say that this is good for vocal singing.

You know what it takes and what's best for vocal singing.

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