vocal voice

Your voice is the instrument of commerce Speaking

Chairman of tools are their mind, their voice and body. Your voice is unique. There are highs and lows of the sound waves. The sound is created by two vocal cords as air passes through the lungs to create your unique sound. Redheads are the epitome of vocal training. Your voice is deep and scratchier. The liquid almost instantly hydrates the tissue and the sound changes. That's why you should drink water in the first morning.

Vocal care begins with your diet. Water hydrates you the wrong way. Drink water. Drink, drink, drink. If you drink coffee, drink decaffeinated coffee, the day you speak. Avoid alcohol completely for two days before speaking. Singers doing vocal scales. Low to high to low.

Audiences are very forgiving voice their speakers. If not, you can change with vocal training. Not many coaches do not talk about voice, but they exist. This vibration increases blood circulation and warms the whole vocal apparatus including your lips, cheeks, tongue, larynx and vocal cords.

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  1. After not using lemon in my water, I recently added that to my routine. It nearly ruined my voice. Lemon is acidic and for me at least, was not a good way to go. May be different for others. I could hardly believe the difference when I discontinued the lemon finally, after not knowing what else was causing problems.