How to Appreciate Actors or Singers That Your Friends Love and You Hate

You'll always have your own tastes in music, movies, etc. But maybe your best friend likes someone different, and constantly reminds you how great they are. How can you learn to like them too? Simply read on!

  1. Understand why you hate them. Is it their whiny voice? Their lack of realism? Their tendency to use corny phrases/lyrics? Once you figure this out, you'll be on your way to overlooking it.
  2. Figure out what you like. What is your personal style? For example, say this artist is pop and you like rock. Like rock, pop has a strong beat. That could be one thing you like about the music. Compare them and choose similarities.
  3. Pick out the positives. Watch a TV show, rent a DVD, or listen to a CD of theirs. Listen and watch as attentively as possible. What do you like about it? If you can't find anything the first time, listen to the disk again. Unless this person is inhuman, there has to be something good about them. If you still can't find something you like, ask your friend what they like about the person.
  4. Relate. Consider reading a book or watching a documentary on the person. Is there something that happened to them to which you can relate? Maybe this can help you see them as respectable artists.
  5. Know about opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. Remember that people who find this person good, are not necessarily "wrong", nor are you "wrong" to dislike them. Learn to accept these differences and find acceptance.
  6. Think about audience. If all other steps failed, think of the age category which is aimed at this person. If you're a 20-year-old guy, Miley Cyrus's career may not appeal to you--and probably never will. This sort of music is not sold to your type of audience. Accept that. Let your friend know of this aspect, so they don't bother you anymore.
You don't have to become obsessed with this person. Simply try to find some decency in them, and accept them as artists.

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