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How to Choose Commuter Cycling Gear

Global warming. Fun. There is a type of motorcycle the best for travel. If you are considering buying a bicycle to travel, here are some points to consider:

Road Bike-PROS: Tires and close to rolling resistance, fast adaptation to any path length. CONS: road tires tend to be more susceptible to housing, the stiffness is energy efficient, but not so comfortable and relaxed some of the alternatives, it is convenient if the trip includes riding on unpaved trails and singletrack .

PRO-mountain bike tires wider stable, balanced ride, comfortable flat handlebar, upright riding position, the visibility of the traffic, the tires are usually resistant to the apartments that the road tires, it easily adapts to any road or off-road commuting. Cons: rolling resistance and heavier road bike (this is a factor in switching longer).

Commuter / urban bike-PRO based on the geometry of the bike relaxed upright riding position, alloy frame to minimize weight and maximize energy efficiency, often includes the rear panniers or rack-mount chassis.


Success, fun cycling is to be prepared. Especially time. You need not be prepared as a competitive runner to ride a bike to work. The shorts are available in two stylish, snug-style road racing bike or lose, casual style.

Hands and feet

Padded palm absorb road vibration, reducing fatigue in the arm and hand. In warm weather, mittens are a great option. As the weather gets colder, go into all the finger styles, including versions sealed if necessary. The type of footwear you choose depends on the type of bike you're riding, and if it has clipless pedals, toe clips or platform pedals. Shoes that are designed for cycling shoes have rigid or semi-rigid. Neoprene booties to slip on your shoes provide strong protection in wet weather.

Tyre repair Gear

If you drive long enough, you must have a flat tire. Always wear the following for each trip:

· Pump

· Tyre Levers

· Cycling multi-tool (with Allen key)

Tip: If you choose to patch your tubes, our experts recommend bike patch kit glue (as opposed to glue). Pump or CO2?

Cons: Heavier and bulkier than the CO2 cylinders, some models will not blow high-pressure road tires, and some that require hundreds of shots (several minutes of work).

CO2 cylinders PROS: Compact, lightweight, capable of inflating tires with low and high pressure.

Packages and bags

Backpack-Benefits: Maximum capacity, the best choice if you use more than one cycle (it goes right by without any equipment) less stressful on the bike and riding mechanics, available in models of hydration. Cons: very low capacity, checked bags can interfere with other accessories such as lights, bike computer or GPS device.

Bags-PROS: Keep your back and shoulders free of any weight. CONS: less able to backpacks, the added weight on the rear wheel is already most of the rider's weight (extra weight can increase the risk of mechanical failure, with the exception of the rear wheel has been specially built to withstand additional stress ) can interfere with the posterior arch of the frame combination pedal stroke, rear panniers and increases wind resistance when driving.


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