captain america movie costume

Like many other cartoon characters, lifting just one costume design from source material in a live-action adaptation can not work or make sense in the context of the story unfolds. Case in point: The X-Men and major changes in the design of costumes, from books to films.

Hero complex of Los Angeles Times interviewed the director Joe Johnston here yesterday and explanation:

"The cause is the flag, but the way in which we go around we have Steve Rogers, forced to the universal service obligation. When he made this super-soldier, who can not decide to send him into battle and risk of him killed. In a large production, it must be introduced or explained it makes sense in the realism of the film and the suspension of disbelief of movie fans in general.

"He was never in the comics ... because I really do not need. In the comics, you put the suit and the reader only justified by the nature of support."

I know hardcore fans will be upset by the idea, but I can see both sides and understand where Johnston. They should explain what the hell that Steve Rogers during the war. However, what the director said later on the subject in detail may include more fans.

We know Cap is a super soldier who did not want to lose, so I threw it in the United Service Organizations, the group responsible for entertaining and morale of soldiers overseas during the war. "Then it is on stage doing songs and dances, in which the chorus girls, and I can not wait to get out and really fight. When AWOL, covers the dress, but there are some things happening, you realize that this uniform will allow him to lead. At that point, has become a star and a symbol of public spirit.

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