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How to Find Your Best Songs

By Barbara E. Lewis

1. - if this is a quality song
2. - how to make the song work for you!

Ok, you have chosen a song you would like to sing.

The Lyrics

Read the lyrics again, and this time look for the high points in the song? By now, you know the melody of your song. For instance, many songs build to a climax at the end of the song. Some songs hit the high point mid-way through the piece, and then gradually cool off.

Vocal Choices

o You understand how the lyrics flow - where the dramatic high points are in the song.
o You have charted the melodic arc of the song - the points of climax in the melody. Now sing through the song keeping all those points in mind. After you have made a few decisions, sing the song again.
Listen to other singers perform the song and discover more ideas about how to make the song really come to life. And then, finally, think about the song's magical moment.

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