TIPS - Vocal Vibrato

  • Even if you are singing correctly, you may not get a vibrato. It comes more naturally to some people! Most get one in high school, and you will sometimes see a rare few getting it in middle and even elementery school.
  • A vibrato comes when you relax your throat and push with your diaphragm. It is the result of the relaxation of the exterior muscles of the larynx which can no longer remain motionless in the position during the emission of the sound.
  • Vibrato happens when your voice shifts quickly between two pitches. The range of a vibrato can vary greatly. Some have a narrow vibrato, while others have a very wide vibrato.


Be sensitive to the music you want to perform. Pop, music theatre, modern classical music, and many other styles use vibrato selectively. Do not try to use vibrato on everything indiscriminately. Instead, find a good voice instructor who can help coach you on where to effectively use vibrato.

Source: wikihow

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