Make Yourself Famous on YouTube

There are obviously a lot of people who would like to famous and be on television. Ever heard of YouTube? It's an entertainment site where people post videos for others to watch. And YOU can be famous there. Anyone can! So if you want to, read on..

  1. Brainstorm what your videos are going to be. Often check the most viewed videos and most subscribed list, and keep a look out for new YouTubers on the latter list. Looking at the top subscribed list will give you a good perspective on who your audience is and what kind of videos people like.
  2. Make a few videos. This includes getting a video camera, recording, editing, and uploading. You need a few good videos already on your profile, and you'll see why later on in this article. So make something to watch, maybe about ten videos over the course of a while, maybe a month, so you actually get your own show going. It is not going to be well-known, but this is the first step. If you choose an alternative, go to the next step.
  3. Animation. Animation is quite useful (if you don't want to expose yourself to the whole world) but requires some software: Pivot Stickfigure Animator, Hypercam (records what's on your screen) and Windows Movie Maker (to add sounds, cause Pivot can't). Or if you have a Mac, iMovie HD is a great program to use.
  4. Make your money video. Make one more video, a good one, or a mediocre one. In it, and you'll see why, say things like, "I know this is unlike my OTHER videos." or "You guys have been asking about_____." or even "Hey guys its me again thanks for your great comments." Now, how is this different from your other videos? You're still going to get maybe 7 views if you're lucky, right? No, read on.
  5. Post this video...As a response video . Find someone who is ALREADY famous on YouTube or even someone who is obviously going to be on top one day. You can certainly find videos with a lot of views and not too many video responses. Now, by posting this video as a response to a famous person's video, or to a famous video, more people will watch your video (a surprisingly large amount, maybe 1/5 of the people watching the original video). People will notice how you mentioned your other videos, and your "fans" and such, and they will pay a visit to your page. "Hey! A lot of videos! Cool! Hey they are not too bad! I will subscribe! Yeah!" There you go. Just sit and watch; subscribers will get higher and higher within weeks.
  6. Keep them entertained. Make more videos. Do it. Post more responses, make more originals. Be sure to make your page look good.
  7. Market yourself. Spread the word by posting videos of your talent.
Source: wikihow

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