Mercedes Benz Slr Mclaren 2013 Price

In its day, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was not the success they hoped both Mercedes-Benz and McLaren. Besides having problems to sell all units planned, both manufacturers in terms of image Association was not as helpful both had hoped. Indeed, there ended the collaboration between Stuttgart and Woking with regard to street Supercars: McLaren again undertook their own way with the MP4-12 c and Mercedes-Benz did a back to the future with the SLS AMG, trying to regain their most classic essences.

However, where Yes triumphed the mercedes benz slr mclaren roadster requirements was in the Middle East market and among collectors most compulsive of Supercars. Some of them have multiple units in their garages, and tax preparers also applied quite thoroughly with the SLR, even manufacturing unique units like the one that concerns us here. Here are shots with the case of the McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream, created by hand under the tastes and requirements of the Swiss businessman Ueli Anlicker and, strangely resembling watching the questionable aesthetic taste of this creation, is on sale for 11 million dollars, about 8 million euros.

As we always say, "tastes for paint colors", but since then the paragraph aesthetic of this SLR 999 Red Gold Dream is absolutely in the Antipodes of what I would consider good taste. A dubious combination of colors, where the red and gold (with 25 layers of paint), dominated by a body kit that seems completely poligonero or excessive in itself, each and every one of the details of the car, are aspects that do not fit with me. But it must be the millionaires are made of other pasta, or at least some of them, and 8 million euros in which Ven. This unit respond to the materials used.

Gold and rubies everywhere: by putting in magnitude to the McLaren SLR Red Gold Dream of Ueli Anlicker, have been used no fewer than 600 rubies in its interior, with an approximate value of 400,000 euros. And all that without taking into account details without importance as the five kilos of 24 carat gold in items such as optical groups, your interior or alloy rims. Precisely a look inside tells us, in just a second, which was not to be discreet or sober. All this intense customization has been totally handmade, needing this 30,000 hours of labor and a cost of approximately € 4.5 million.

His body, completely custom, we have already said enough and better not to add anything else. As regards its mechanics, it counts with a light dressing that makes him get 700 HP, but Anlicker says it will be sold with 1,000 HP in your engine compartment. We do not know how, but surely not be too difficult to get that figure of power. Own Ueli Anlicker has priced its creation in nothing less than $ 11 million, and expects to find buyer in China or in the middle. You succeed? You would not surprise me nothing, although I would also recommend purchasing a small dose of good taste, never remaining.

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