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Google Music: everything we know

After careful observation to see how Apple all this "download music" The panoramic, Google introduced its online music store in the afternoon. What songs are available?

Unlike iTunes, which has signed agreements with all major labels, Google is reportedly the only signed a contract with Sony, Universal and EMI. That leaves out of Warner, who is a big, big hole: Cher, Cee Lo, Diddy, Gucci Mane, Green Day, The Prodigy, Van Halen the list goes on. A lot of great work, living and dead, are part of Warner harem, and if the rumors are true, you do not have access to them (again) via Google Music. How many songs cost?

Bloomberg reported rumors of prices between $ 0.99 and $ 1.29 per track which is located directly to Google, Apple and Amazon region. Oh, well, the songs can also be free! Or a song each day will be, says Phandroid, gifts like free song from Apple, which are usually crap.

Google Music: everything KnowThere as an integrated player such as iTunes. Billboard reports the Google Music could sport of stock options tied to beautiful (of course) with Google +. Music If Google wants to stand out as a good third place to buy songs online dollars (after Apple and Amazon), they have to grow what their competitors are not as social. Usually people talk about the jokes), and Amazon has zero social action.

Google, however, did Google +. The cloud storage existing Google also remain in the pace of the game and MP3 player with iTunes Amazon Cloud. Not a word, if the current CAP cloud 20,000 songs will remain in place, however.

But at least Google the music means three options profitable online music, instead of two.

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