Transformer Asus

Ultra-thin and light in a unique, stylish design

Sporting HDMI 1.3a port, transformer can be connected to HDTV and 5.1 surround sound system, which offers a better multimedia experience.

Integrated SRS audio technology offers a dynamic 3D stereo sound experience with low and a large field of speakers located in the discrete processor.

Turn on the host laptop keyboard laptop and 16 hours of battery life * 1

The transformer is different from other tablets on the market with an optional docking station. This allows you to access the full QWERTY keyboard as the only Android function keys, turning the tablet into a real laptop transformer.

Transformer is preloaded with Polaris ® Office Solution ® Office Mobile 3.0 Professional, which allows users to customize your Office documents, including documents (. DOC), spreadsheets (. Xls) and presentation (. PPT) files, and then a transformer attractive for business use. Android OS 3.2 honeycomb ASUS Waveshare IU

Support for Adobe ® Flash ® 10.2 * 2 and the ever-growing Android Market, the fun is just a flick of your finger.

The pitcher convenient ASUS also allows users to easily launch applications, manage content and access to online services and connect devices with a few simple prints.

MyLibrary consolidates downloaded books, magazines and newspapers in a single step.

The digital media easy MyNet flows in wireless home networking devices, so HD movies or music can be played on devices such as HDTV or desktops for an even better experience Transformer.

MyCloud application is a total solution to the cloud, providing access to digital content such as music, videos and files on a cloud, always and everywhere. Users can also use the myCloud to access and remotely control any PC or Mac system and run applications or files on the diversity of experience in Transformer Hall Eee.


The software has to link with Eee Pad.

Download the ASUS support site

Download the Eee PC Pad PC Suite

Eee PC Pad PC Suite includes server mydesktop, ASUS WebStorage (Windows version) and synchronization ASUS all essential kit to connect and synchronize your data and myCloud EAs.