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Vocal Breaks - Strategies to Eliminate Them

By Judy Rodman

Here are some tips to smoothly blend your chest and head registers so that you seem to have one rich, mixed vocal register without breaks (those unwanted cracks in your voice):

Try "pulling" your words from your nose when you're in middle voice. If you can't remember to do this at the right time, try touching your nose when in chest or middle voice to remind you to pull from your nose. You can't blend your voice if you're singing too hard. You can feel your voice strain! From a suggestion by vocal teacher Jeannie Deva: Touch two fingers very lightly to your larynx. Bobble your head on your shoulders.

Uncontrolled vocal breaks are vocally limiting in many ways.

Can Vocal Training Lessons Really Help?

By Ty Samuelson

It was boring and bore no relation to the kind of vocal training lessons the singer really wanted to do. We all know that it is more fun to sing songs we love, songs in the style we want to sing, than it is to sing scales or classical music.

Because of this, a lot of vocal coaching has changed to represent more modern music and styles of singing. Many vocal programs, especially vocal programs found online or on CD, are aimed at helping singers become the type of singers they want to be - R&B, rock, soul, jazz, or country.

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