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By Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

The enslavement of blacks in America, was introduced by law in 1517. Especially in the Middle Ages in the Middle Ages.

Some of the earliest references to the culture of women singing in the Bible. David had his band of "men and women singing the song" Jerusalem (2 Sam 19:35), Solomon and probably adds to their numbers. Talented women have played their part in the ceremonies of the temple.

Other voices of the time, especially women, have been silenced by politics and religion.

Unfortunately, the women were still a minority.

But when the guys with the rank of a woman facing puberty and his voice down an octave, a solution to keep children in the range of women had to be found. Neutering, to prevent hormonal changes that occur during puberty. From sopranos in the opera were a necessity, Italy, 4000 - 5000 boys were castrated annually. (Aïe!)

Women, especially in countries where the Catholic Church dominated, was forbidden on the stage. (! So much for women's liberation) the reason for the ban on women singing in church choir had its origins in the Bible: "Let your women keep silence in the churches, because it is not allowed them to talk. "(It seems that" God "changed his mind!) Almost every church choir used to sing prepubertal boys the upper parts of the choir, because women were not allowed to attend services. It was not until the nineteenth century before women were regularly found results in the opera or church music. Since the beginning of the monasteries and convents in the Middle Ages, were women and men separately in a religious context. The women had no role in setting mass, and this naturally extended to the exclusion of church music as well.

Politically, they are worse than their male counterparts, generally translated as women do not own property, vote, or hold senior positions in no impact in society. Fortunately, there has been enormous progress that women have been freed to pursue music, vocal and acting career. Given the discrimination against women still exists in many cultures of the world, I hope that women will appreciate the progress the U.S. has done.

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