Tips For Kids To Sing

  • Take lessons to help improve your voice and help mature it!
  • ALWAYS warm up. If you don't this can damage your voice and you wouldn't want that!
  • Practice performing in front of crowds, don't be shy! You will have to learn to get over stage fright.
  • Take all the chances you have to sing!
  • Don't allow anyone to put you down!
  • Practice all the time and never give up!
  • If only one person says you are a bad singer, don't take it personally, ask them why they think that and try to overcome the obstacle.
  • Don't eat or drink ANYTHING for two hours before singing. If you are gonna sing after dinner, you'll probably sound worse than if you didn't eat or drink anything. This relaxes your stomach muscles which you need to sound good. ( don't starve yourself!)
Source: wikihow

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